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What is in the Cesar Papa Collection?

The Cesar Papa Collection collects, preserves, and makes accessible primary source documentation relating to the life and work of the Brazilian artist Cesar Papa. Up to now, nearly 800 items were amassed and are also available digitally. These records include Papa's exhibition files, personal documents and letters, pictures, sound and video footage as well as information about existing artworks along with their respective owners' information. The Collection is also a repository for oral history generated from interviews conducted by Laura Papa, his grand-nice, with individuals that are relevant to the Papa's life – family, friends or people who lived at the same time and could enlighten an aspect of his life.

How should I research in the Archives?

How do I research a particular person, year, city or work of art?

One way to find material in the Cesar Papa Collection is a keyword search across the archives. Typically, the descriptive for an item includes information about the origin, history, content, date, and format of the records, as well as the physical and intellectual arrangement imposed upon them by the organizer.

For example, there might be interesting information about some cities, as Macao, in China, or Recife, in Brasil. Try to type one of the cities in the search box to see what happens. To figure out which exhibitions Cesar was featured on, you can simply go with <exhibition>, for instance. If you knew Cesar Papa, you can also try to type your own name.

However, keep in mind that not all the people on the photographs are yet identified, and that sometimes, a date or place can not be attributed to an item whether this information is not clear on the document. Note: because the Archives contain hundreds of documents, it is (still) not feasible to describe or catalog each item.

If the item you're researching is related to an artwork, the URL corresponding to the digital item may not be available due to copyright. While this project is not yet a Foundation, all requests about the material related to the artworks must be sent to Laura Papa. For access to these files or the physical ones, researchers should contact [email protected]

Are any of your materials available remotely (e.g., as digital scans)?

Access to most of the materials is online as the Collection contains a growing body of materials digitized. You may search by keyword or browse by department and date range. Go to < how should I research? > for more info.

As of the end of 2021, records from the Oral History Initiative will be available digitally with transcripts. In the case you're research is related to an artwork, the URL corresponding to the digital item may not be available due to copyright and must be requested individually.

Lastly, for a full experience searching the archives, we recommend that researches use the database through Desktop instead of mobile.

I own an artwork.

How can I report the ownership to a complete mapping of Cesar Papa's Collection?


I knew Papa.

Can I collaborate with the Oral History Initiative? I have documents related to his life. Can I make a donation?

Please contact the organizer of Cesar Papa Collection:

Laura Papa at [email protected] +55 61 98598 3322

For reporting ownership, a picture of the artwork, full name, contact info and address may be required.

For Oral History Initiative collaborations, a virtual or phone interview will be scheduled due to Covid-19 restrictions.

For donations, please write so we can discuss the best and safest way to make the material or artwork arrive to the Collection.


I'm more than happy to help, guide any research or share my findings on the Cesar Papa Collection.

Please, do not hesitate in contacting me if: you're having any difficulties or questions, you have more information about people, dates or places, you can share a story about Papa to the Oral History Initiative or own an artwork and want to remain with it, you own any materials or artworks and want to donate.

Laura Papa: [email protected]